06/02 TSC meeting minutes


Dear TSC members,

Please find the following minutes of Adlik TSC meeting on June 2nd, you can also find the minutes and recordings here: Adlik TSC wiki

  1. Zoom meeting:TSC_20200602.mp4
  2. Roll Call




TSC members


Tao Liu, Shiying Jin, Liya Yuan, Chengcan Wang

China Mobile

Jie Wu

China Unicom



Yuwei Wang

Other attendees

AIIA Shuo Liu
  1. Status of open action items

    1. Action/ Further study on possible solution for mapping, procedure to apply Adlik in ORAN. Propose a CR for ORAN standardization. 
      1. In progress, CRs will be presented at ORAN WG2 AI/ML meeting on next Monday.
    2. Action/ @Tao Liu for documentation on interface description.
      1. Will be done along with other documentation, suggest to include all of them in a doc folder.
    3. Action/ @Liya Yuan to contact with AIIA open source group to find out the requirements and solutions.
      1. In progress, an automated benchamark test solution has been proposed.
    4. Action/ @Tao Liu to prepare for online video introdution to using Adlik.
      1. There will be 2 events where we can promote Adlik, will be recorded as online video.
  2. Work report and plans

    1. Release management:
      1. Will be released on June 15, draft PR has been sent to LF AI.
    2. Features of Model optimizer,Serving engine,Automated test can be found here: Release 0.1.0
  3. Open discussion

Best regards.

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