ACTION Required: Add/Subscribe to Group Calendar for TSC Meetings

Jacqueline Serafin

Acumos TSC and Community,

As part of our efforts to move the LF Deep Learning Foundation operations to follow umbrella project best practices, effective tomorrow, March 15, we will be solely utilizing the Acumos AI Group Calendar managed via for all meetings, including the weekly TSC meeting.  

An Acumos AI Group Calendar wiki page (link below) was created to provide details on the meeting management as well as the options for adding/subscribing to the meetings via the Acumos AI Group Calendar. The new TSC Meeting invite via the acumosai-tsc@... subgroup (mail list) was sent out today (link below).

Please review the following and ensure that you add/subscribe to the Acumos TSC Group Calendar by EOD tomorrow, March 15th, to stay up to date with TSC meetings:
Important Note: The private TSC meeting invite from jserafin@... will be deleted today and all attendees must self-subscribe/add to the TSC meetings via the Acumos AI Group Calendar. 

If you have any questions/comments, please do reach out.

Thank you,

Jacqueline Serafin
Program Manager
The Linux Foundation
+1 (415) 676-1127 (m)
Regular Hours: 6am-3pm PT

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