Acumos Community Meetings & Calendar Updates

Jacqueline Serafin

Acumos TSC Community,

Now that we have migrated the mail lists, we are happy to be rolling out a new Community Meetings & Calendar wiki page which also links to an Acumos AI Group Calendar via Wiki which has been set up to have subscribe functionality. The goal is to archive the current Project & Community  as the calendar content there was primarily for a visual representation of the meetings. In order to fully move to this new set up, we will need all meeting hosts to complete the items below by March 15th to ensure all the content is set up correctly.

Note: This is a set up similar to what other LF projects are now using. It was carefully reviewed against the current Acumos process and adjustments made to minimize interruptions. Most importantly, all current meetings will continue using the same dial in details. 

Known meeting hosts based on wiki content have been added to acumosai-meetinghosts@... and have been associated as calendar moderators in for their applicable sub-groups (mail lists) and as Zoom hosts on the wiki. 

Meeting hosts must complete the following by March 15th:
  1. Review the Community Meetings & Calendar page to understand the new process for managing meetings. 
  2. Review the Acumos AI Group Calendar to ensure the meeting details under the TSC Sub-Committee, Community Meetings, and Project Meetings is accurate. If there is a change required, please make the edit. 
  3. Review the meetings that have been created for you as a meeting host within the LF Deep Learning Group Calendar via (where meetings are now managed). If there is a change required, please make the edit. 
  4. Once your meeting has been reviewed/updated, send the meeting invite to the applicable subgroup (mail list) by following the instructions under Scheduling/Managing/Meetings in Group Calendars.
    1. Specifically the "Notifications, you must select Send Invite To Group in order for the invite to be sent to the applicable sub-group" section. 
If you were incorrectly added somewhere or if you were missed, please do reach out to help update everything accordingly. 

Thank you all for your participation to help streamline current and future meeting management and participation for the Acumos Community.

If you have any questions, please do reach out. 

Thank you,

Jacqueline Serafin
Program Manager
The Linux Foundation
+1 (415) 676-1127 (m)
Regular Hours: 6am-3pm PT

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