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Acumos TSC Members,


May we clarify or firm up the “Big” assumptions & dependencies, election methods and processes and weekly-based achievable targets within remaining timeline to complete an electronic voting step??


I am proposing a weekly meet but needs to find an agreeable time slot ASAP.



Best Regards

Jessica Kim

2019 Acumos TSC Election Coordinator

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Acumos TSC,


As discussed during the February 4 TSC meeting, in an effort to streamline upcoming and future elections for the various leadership roles across the project, I reviewed the existing Technical Project Charter and Technical Community Document to consolidate all the information under a new Community Governance wiki page. This Community Governance page will serve as a summary and instruction page with pointers to all the detailed information in the relevant governance documents or additional wiki pages.


The Election Coordinator for the upcoming elections (TSC Chair, Sub-Committee Chairs, PTL's), Jessica Kim, will be required to review in detail and get alignment from the TSC for any changes to the process. The Community Governance page should be updated accordingly with any agreed upon changes. 


In addition to creating the Community Governance page, the following two pages were created as part of the necessary documentation process for elections: Instructions on how to use the CIVS Voting System and Key Project Facts - Voting Results History to document election results in a single location for records purposes. 


The one item that will require further discussion and a decision from the TSC (decision not previously documented) is defining the Transition Point timing and process to elect the TSC Voting Members based on meritocracy (ex. based on Gerrit contributions, chairs of sub-committees, etc).This is an item that will be added to the agenda for the 2/25/19 meeting to determine if the TSC is ready to make a change in this area now. 


Jessica, please review the documentation as Election Coordinator and we can set up time to review questions thereafter. 


Thank you,



Jacqueline Serafin

Program Manager
The Linux Foundation
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